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The Viking ship exhibit is closed for the winter.

Years of inadequate support had caused the Viking's structure to sag.
... stabilization of the ship was the top priority...

National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Midwest Office



The Stabilization

During two weeks in June 2008, Robert Fink of Renaissance Yachts and a team from Methods and Materials stabilized the Viking ship. A prior assessment had been made in November 2007. MORE...

Since being moved from Lincoln Park in 1994, the Viking had been inadequately supported and poorly protected from the weather. Viking sagged and twisted out of shape.

shelter extension First, the shelter was extended eight feet and rigid walls were installed at each end to prevent the entry of bad weather.

worksite Tools of every size and sort were brought to the site. Extra electrical amperage was provided to power saws and grinders.

After first placing protective foam between the newer wood and the old, the preservationists carefully positioned long boards inside the Viking, . Workmen gingerly walked along these boards while all work was being done.

support cables

First came the thorough vacuuming. Then came the placement of the supports, both inside and outside. Working in conjunction with the adjustable supports welded to the outside and the cables, with turnbuckles, on the inside, gradually Viking was brought back to her original shape. VIDEO

support at stern
Viking's stern end was twisted out of true alignment. The preservationists erected a tripod directly to the steel "cradle" and used strategically placed clamps and wire cables to bring the sternpost back into "true".

Copies of the original blueprints were used as a guide while "pulling" and "pushing" the Viking back into her original shape.

new shelter "end" new ends on the shelter

fabricating supports

measuring the placement

welding supports are welded to the cradle

adjustable outboart support a completed support

Liz inspects examining a support

knee clamps
clamps bring the knees together

of the trade more tools of the trade

We thank American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation for making this stabilization project possible.

photos: P. & L. Straw



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